Top 20 Vegan Lashes In 2024

vegan lashes

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a renewed focus on health and wellness, leading many consumers to consider the ingredients in their beauty products. There is no exception in the lashes industry. Vegan Lashes became a spotlight.

The vegan false lashes are made without any animal byproducts or testing, these faux lashes offer the same glamorous look without compromising ethical standards.

Plus, the lack of animal ingredients means they’re typically hypoallergenic and safer for sensitive skin. And as more brands enter the market, there are plenty of options available in all different styles and price ranges.

So whether you want a dramatic flair for a special occasion or just everyday enhancement, going vegan with your lashes is a trend worth trying. Not only will you be making a kinder choice, but you can feel good about looking good.

If you are looking for vegan lashes, there are some vegan false lashes brands you can choose from.

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LEVI LASHES Sustainable Lashes

eco friendly lashes

Have you ever thought about where your false lashes end up after being tossed in the trash? Most conventional eyelashes are made from synthetic materials that can take hundreds of years to break down in a landfill.

At LEVI LASHES, we’re committed to providing sustainable and eco-friendly lashes for beauty lovers. Our lashes are carefully crafted from plant fiber, offering a biodegradable option that won’t harm the environment.

Working with top chemists, we’ve developed a process to extract fiber from plants and mold it into the perfect lash shape. Not only are these lashes environmentally conscious, but they also provide comfortable wear and natural volume.

So go ahead and flaunt those gorgeous lashes without worrying about your impact on the planet. Choose LEVI LASHES ECO LASHES for guilt-free glamour.

Ardell Vegan Lashes

are ardell lashes vegan

Ardell is a go-to brand for vegan-friendly eyelashes. Their popular wispies and demi wispies lashes are made from synthetic fibers, and all of their adhesives are free from animal-derived ingredients such as beeswax or carmine. So if you’re looking for cruelty-free falsies, Ardell has got you covered.

Plus, with their wide range of styles and affordable prices, there’s sure to be an option that perfectly complements your look. So go ahead and flaunt those lush lashes without any guilt or discomfort. Ardell gets a thumbs-up from vegans and beauty lovers alike.

Doe cruelty free Lashes

are doe lashes cruelty free

Doe Lashes‘ cruelty-free lashes are made of cruelty-free synthetic silk lashes. Not only are these lashes completely free of animal harm, but they’re also sustainable. So not only will you feel good about wearing them, but you can also feel good about supporting a brand that puts ethics before profits.

And with their beautiful looks and comfortable wear, Doe Lashes are the perfect choice for any ethical beauty lover. So give them a try and achieve gorgeous lashes while still maintaining a clear conscience.

Lilly Lashes

are lilly lashes vegan

If you’re looking for high-quality lashes that are also cruelty-free, Lilly Lashes has got you covered. Their lashes are hand-crafted from synthetic fibers, giving them a realistic look and feel without harm to any animals.

Plus, their innovative design ensures that each lash will give you maximum volume and length without requiring the use of adhesive on the base strip.

With a variety of styles to choose from and easy application, Lilly Lashes make the perfect choice for those seeking vegan beauty options. So go ahead and add some drama to your look without sacrificing your values – try Lilly Lashes today.

Kiss Vegan Eyelashes

are kiss eyelashes vegan

If you’re a makeup lover, chances are you’ve probably jumped on the false eyelash bandwagon at some point. But did you know that traditional synthetic lashes often contribute to plastic pollution and can take years to break down in landfills?

Fortunately, there is now a more eco-friendly option: KISS Sister Nature Vegan Mink Lashes. These lashes are made from eco-friendly materials. Not only does it look and feel like real mink, but also has the added benefit of being biodegradable. In just 180 days after disposal, they break down by 75% – much faster than traditional synthetic options.

So go ahead and enjoy those gorgeous full, fluffy lashes while also doing your part to help the environment.

Glamnetic Cruelty Free Lashes

are glamnetic lashes cruelty free

Glamnetic offer a cruelty-free alternative to traditional mink lashes. Unlike mink fur, which requires the animal to be killed in order to be harvested, Glamnetic lashes are made from shed fur that is collected without harm to the animal. In addition, they contain safe, non-toxic ingredients such as iron oxide, which gives them their magnetic properties.

So not only can you feel good about your appearance with Glamnetic lashes, but you can also feel good about your ethical choices as well.

MOXIELASH Cruelty Free Magnetic Lashes

cruelty free magnetic lashes

Moxielash’s magnetic lashes are Made from vegan Bionic Silk. These lashes are not only kind to animals but also offer long-lasting wear without the need for harsh adhesives.

The unique magnetic design makes them easy to apply and remove, and they can be reused up to 30 times. Plus, with their natural-looking style and sleek packaging, these lashes are definitely worth trying out for a guilt-free glam look.

Velour Vegan Magnetic Lashes

vegan magnetic lashes

Velour’s Vegan Magnetic Lashes are they made from 100% vegan and cruelty-free materials. And it can also be worn over 30 times with proper care. Their unique magnetic technology allows for an easy application process, while still providing a natural and flawless finish.

Say goodbye to the frustration and inconvenience of traditional fake lashes – try out Velour’s Magnetic Effortless Collection today. You’ll never go back to old lash styles again.

NYX Vegan Lashes

vegan fake lashes

Being an animal lover, it’s important for me to not only avoid animal cruelty in my daily life but to also support companies that share the same values. That’s why I was thrilled to discover NYX Vegan Lashes.

These lashes are not only completely cruelty-free, they’re also free from any animal products and made with synthetic fibers. Not only does this make them a more ethical choice, it also means they won’t irritate sensitive skin or cause allergic reactions. Plus, the high-quality materials ensure these lashes are durable and can be worn multiple times.

So next time you’re looking for some fabulous falsies, be sure to check out NYX Vegan Lashes. Not only will you have glamorous peepers, but you’ll also have a clear conscience. Win-win!

Lbla Cosmetics Vegan False Lashes

vegan false lashes

LBLA Cosmetics Vegan False Lashes were Made from 100% vegan fibers, these lashes give you a stunning appearance without harming any animals. They are also 100% cruelty-free, ensuring that no animals were harmed in the making of these products.

Plus, with the wide range of styles available, you’re sure to find the perfect lash to complement any makeup look. So go ahead and treat yourself to some gorgeous LBLA Cosmetics lashes – your conscience and your eyes will thank you!

Lotus Vegan Mink Lashes

vegan mink lashes

If you’re looking for luxurious, high-quality lashes but also want to maintain a cruelty-free makeup routine, LOTUS LASHES has the perfect solution.

Their fur-friendly vegan mink lashes are handmade using luxury synthetic fibers, providing the stunning effects of real mink without any harm to animals. These 3D lashes add extra volume and length, making them perfect for achieving a dramatic look. Plus, their unique shape allows for multiple uses, giving you even more value for your money.

So give yourself a guilt-free glam with LOTUS LASHES. “Eyelashes are the finishing touch to any makeup look, and these ones definitely do not disappoint.” (Quote from a satisfied customer) It’s time to elevate your beauty routine with these gorgeous faux mink lashes.

House of Lashes

Is House of Lashes Vegan

As more and more consumers are seeking out cruelty-free beauty products, understanding the ingredients in makeup and lashes can be important.

Thankfully, House of Lashes has made it easy for ethical shoppers to find the perfect falsies. All of their lashes are made with synthetic fibers, ensuring they don’t contribute to animal suffering or exploitation. And their adhesives, primers, and other products are all free from animal-derived ingredients as well.

So not only can you rock glamorously lush lashes without compromising your beliefs, you also have peace of mind knowing that House of Lashes is a socially responsible company. So go ahead and flaunt those bold and beautiful falsies – guilt-free!

Tigress Beauty

best vegan eyelashes

At Tigress Beauty, they are committed to providing high-quality cruelty-free lashes that align with their values. Their PETA-approved lashes are crafted from synthetic fibers, not animal hair.

In addition, they are carefully handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring both a high level of quality and ethical production processes. Whether you’re looking for a natural or bold look, their vegan lashes provide the same amazing results as traditional false lashes – but without compromising your beliefs.

So go ahead and shop confidently knowing that these lashes meet all your standards for beauty and ethics.


cruelty-free lashes

Tarte’s Vegan Lashes have a clear, cotton strip for ultimate comfort and fit, perfect for all-day wear.

Plus, they are made without any animal products or by-products, making them 100% vegan. So not only will you be able to flaunt bold, stunning lashes, but you can feel good about your purchase knowing it aligns with your ethical values.

Give Tarte’s Vegan Lashes a try – your eyes (and conscience) will thank you.

Dan Kabee Vegan lashes And Glue

vegan lashes and glue

Dan Kabee’s vegan lashes are made with a soft and luxurious material, these falsies provide the same natural and glamorous look as traditional mink lashes without using any animal hair.

Plus, each set comes with a mini vegan lash glue that is not only latex-free but also ensures easy application, secure adhesion, and clean removal. By choosing dan kabee’s vegan lashes, you can enjoy gorgeous and fluffy eyelashes while promoting cruelty-free beauty.

So next time you want to add some flare to your makeup look, opt for these ethical and stylish faux lashes.

iLevel Lab

vegan individual lashes

If you’ve been looking for a cruelty-free option in lash extensions, then iLevel Lab’s VEGAN Eyelash Extensions are the perfect choice for you. Made from soft poly fiber, these C Curl extensions offer a natural and flattering look for your lashes. Plus, their cruelty-free production means that no animals were harmed during the manufacturing process.

These high-quality extensions will have you feeling fabulous without any guilty conscience. So go ahead and treat yourself to a stunning new look with iLevel Lab’s VEGAN Eyelash Extensions.

Yegi Beauty

vegan lashes extension

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional mink lashes, Yegi Beauty has the solution for you. Their new vegan mink eyelash extensions not only eliminate any potential ethical concerns, but they also offer a superior experience. These lashes are lighter and softer than traditional mink, adding comfort and a natural appearance.

Plus, they’re latex-free, making them suitable even for those with allergies or sensitive skin. So go ahead and indulge in luxurious lash extensions without any guilt – thanks to Yegi Beauty’s vegan mink option.



Flirties lashes have been thoroughly vetted and verified by the Vegan Society and all future products will also go through this stringent process. So whether you or your clients want to ensure that no animal products were harmed in the creation of your lashes, Flirties has got you covered.

In addition to being vegan-friendly, these individual lashes are also made from the highest quality materials and designed for long-lasting wear. So not only can you feel good about your ethical choices, but you can also flaunt fabulous lashes day after day. Choose Flirties for a guilt-free glam look.



Eslashes understands the importance of ethical consumerism and has made strides to ensure their products meet these standards. Their individual vegan “silk” eyelash extensions are made with Korean PBT fiber, a cruelty-free alternative to traditional silk.

In addition, Eslashes makes it a point to never test on animals and guarantees that no animals were harmed in the creation of their products. With Eslashes, you can have beautiful eyelashes without compromising your values.

Not only are these extensions ethical and environmentally conscious, but they also provide long-lasting results and are easy to apply. So, give yourself glamorous lashes while also supporting a cruelty-free brand with Eslashes individual vegan “silk” eyelash extensions.



Finding high-quality, cruelty-free makeup can be a challenge, but Eco iLash offers exactly that. These vegan lashes are made with precision and attention to detail, providing a natural yet glamorous look.

Plus, they are ethically sourced and 100% vegan, allowing you to feel good about your beauty choices. And if that wasn’t enough, the packaging is completely recyclable – just one more way that Eco iLash prioritizes the environment in its production process.

So whether you’re a makeup novice or a seasoned pro, Eco iLash has everything you want in a set of lashes. Enhance your look while upholding your values – try Eco iLash today.

What Are Vegan Lashes Made Of?

Most vegan lashes on market are made of PBT fiber. PBT Fiber lashes are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. It is a pure vegan product.

PBT Fiber

PBT is the short name for Polybutylene Terephthalate, which belongs to the crystalline polyester series. A kind of plastic material. It is a vegan-friendly option.

It is called “shape memory fiber” which can keep false lashes’ curl stable and for a long time.

It has the following characteristics:

  • Keep curl for a long time.
  • Precise Size
  • Chemical resistance is not affected by chemicals
  • Heat Resistance: After encountering vinyl, it will not be deformed
  • Anti-Static: applicator and eyelashes are not easy to stick together when you wear.

How to find a vegan lashes supplier?

A good lashes supplier is important to your lashes business. It can boost your lashes business. However, it is not easy to find a good lashes supplier.
A good lashes supplier should have some features as follows:

  • Reliable quality
  • Reasonable price.
  • Good customer service.
  • One-stop solutions.

Use Search Engine to Search a Lashes Supplier

Google is the world’s largest search engine, you can use it to find the right supplier. In order to find exactly what you need, you can search with the following keywords:

search: “levilashes”
search: “levilashes in China”
search: “vegan lashes vendors”
search: “cruelty-free lashes vendors”
search: “wholesale vegan lashes”

wholesale vegan lashes

Use B2B to Search a Lashes Supplier

Alibaba is one of the largest e-commerce websites in the world. Many suppliers will open shops on it, you can find verified suppliers on it by searching keywords

search: “levilashes”
search: “levilashes in China”
search: “vegan lashes vendors”
search: “cruelty-free lashes vendors”
search: “wholesale vegan lashes”

wholesale vegan false eyelashes

Or you can contact LEVI LASHES directly.

LEVI LASHES is the one of most excellent manufacturers for false lashes. 

Since 2009, they have been developing high-quality and fashionable false lashes for well-known companies from all over the world. 

They also offer customized services. You will get customized lashes and package at a reasonable price.

To Sum Up

These vegan lashes I listed can offer something for everyone, from natural style to drama.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the world of false lashes, these cruelty-free lashes ensure you can look fabulous.

Explore these brands to find the perfect lashes.

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