2023 A Revolution in Cosmetics: ECO Lashes and ECO-Friendly Lashes Tray &Package

eco lashes

Eco lashes are a new trend in the beauty industry that aims to promote sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of traditional eyelash extensions.

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Why ECO Lashes?

Biodegradable Lashes Package

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about numerous disasters and losses in 2020.

As the world struggles with the pandemic, there has been a growing concern about protecting the environment.

As a leading supplier of false eyelashes, we have been exploring alternative environmentally-friendly products to address the impact of false lashes on the environment.

That’s why we have introduced our eco lashes. It is made from sustainable and biodegradable materials to reduce pollution and carbon emissions.

False lashes come in two main types in the market: synthetic lashes made from PBT and mink lashes made from mink or sable fur.

Unfortunately, neither of these options is eco-friendly.

Both are typically packaged in single-use plastic trays, contributing to the mounting plastic waste problem.

Additionally, mink lashes use animal fur, which raises concerns about animal welfare.

To address these environmental concerns, we have been researching and developing eco eyelashes that use sustainable and biodegradable materials.

Our eco lashes are made from plant-based materials, making them gentle on the skin and the environment.

We have also developed eco-friendly packaging for our lashes to further reduce our environmental impact.

ECO Lashes Package and Tray

eco lashes package

At the end of 2020, we launched our new eco-friendly lashes tray to replace the existing plastic eyelash tray.

Our new eco lash trays are made from sugarcane pulp, a sustainable and biodegradable material.

Sugarcane or bagasse products are quickly becoming a popular eco-friendly option in a variety of industries.

Bagasse mulch is a byproduct of sugarcane plant stalks after harvest.

Traditionally, this mulch was thrown away as waste, but it can now be used to create a range of eco-friendly products, including our new lash tray.

Through high-heat and high-pressure processes, the sugarcane mulch is molded into the desired shape of the product.

It means that our lash tray is both sustainable and biodegradable. It became an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic or polystyrene trays.

Not only are our eco lashes trays sustainable and biodegradable, but they are also highly durable.

Able to withstand temperatures up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit and are cut-resistant, they provide maximum durability. It became a practical and eco-friendly option for the beauty industry.

ECO Lashes


We are excited to share that our research on eco-friendly eyelashes has made significant progress this year.

Through continuous exploration and collaboration with chemists, we have been able to extract plant fiber to create new material for our eco lashes.

Our eco lashes are made from natural, plant-based materials, making them renewable and sustainable.

Unlike traditional PBT eyelashes, our eco lashes are also gentle on the skin and do not cause any harm.

Additionally, they are designed to decompose naturally, without causing any harm to the environment.

Despite being eco-friendly, our eco lashes do not compromise on quality or appearance.

In fact, they look just like traditional eyelashes, but with a thinner and softer band for increased comfort and wearability.

Our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness extends beyond just our product.

We have also made changes to our manufacturing process to ensure minimal environmental impact, including reducing waste and emissions.

eco friendly lashes

To Sum Up

Eco-friendly lashes and trays mark a revolution in the beauty industry.

It will also provide better choices for beauty personnel, especially beauty lovers who like vegan and cruelty-free beauty products.

As a supplier of eco lashes, we are committed to promoting a cleaner and greener beauty industry for everyone.

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