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ECO Lashes

We have been focusing on supplying ECO to our client. It’s made of plant fiber. And custom lashes package can be offered from us. It can meet FSC standards.

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ECO LASHES Catalogue

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Plant Based False Lashes

ECO-Friendly Lashes

ECO lashes are made from plant fibers, specifically hemp-derived fibers, making them a completely environmentally friendly choice. Not only do they offer the same glamorous look as traditional eyelashes, but they also have the added bonus of being biodegradable and compostable.

Plus, their unique blended fibers create a softer and more natural feel on the eyelid compared to synthetic options. So go ahead and up your lash game while also reducing your carbon footprint with ECO lashes. It’s a win-win situation!

Why ECO Lashes

Currently, most false eyelashes on the market are made of plastic fibers. It cannot achieve self-degradation and will cause some damage to the environment.

In order to better protect the environment, we have introduced ECO eyelashes, whose main ingredients come from plants. Compared with traditional eyelashes, they can achieve real degradation. It is the best alternative to vegan and cruel lashes.

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First ECO Lashes Manufacturer

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At Levi Lashes, we’re committed to providing our customers with beautiful, high-quality false eyelashes while also reducing our impact on the environment.

As the first eco lashes and sustainable lashes manufacturer in China, we work with chemical experts to extract fibers from plants and transform them into luxurious lashes.

Plus, our partnership with scientific research institutions ensures that we are always on the cutting edge of sustainability technology.

And our packaging is also made from degradable materials, ensuring that even the smallest details of our business are eco-friendly. So not only will you feel fabulous wearing our lashes, but you can feel good about your choice in supporting a sustainable company.

Visit us online today to browse our selection and join the green beauty movement.