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With our lash ribbons, achieving your desired lash style has never been easier. 

Our innovative product allows you to effortlessly customize your lashes to the perfect size and style.

Simply trim the lash ribbons to your desired length, and let your creativity take flight.

Custom Lash Ribbon

At LEVI Lashes, you have the freedom to personalize every aspect of the lash ribbon, including its size, color, and type. 

Our skilled team works craft each lash ribbon with precision, ensuring that it meets your specific requirements.

In addition, we also offers custom lash ribbon packaging. 

Our custom lash ribbon packages are designed to not only protect the lashes but also elevate the overall branding and image of your lashes business. 

With our eye-catching and professionally designed packaging, you can make a lasting impression on your customers and boost your lashes business to new heights.

Custom Lashes Style

Custom Lashes Package

LEVI LASHES: #Top 1 Lashes Ribbon Manufacturer

LEVI Lashes is a leading manufacturer of professional lash ribbons, dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products.

We take pride in sourcing only top-grade materials to ensure exceptional performance and durability.

Our lash ribbons have successfully passed the rigorous testing required to obtain FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) approval.

It assures our products are safe to use.

We believe that every lash ribbon should be crafted with precision and attention to detail.

From the selection of materials to the final packaging, every step of our production process is carefully executed to ensure that you receive a lash ribbon of unparalleled quality.

By choosing LEVI Lashes as your lash ribbon manufacturer, you can have confidence in the quality, safety, and performance of our products.

Lashes Ribbon FAQ

Lash ribbons are longer ribbons specifically designed for lash extensions at home, consisting of segmented lashes.

You can easily trim them to the desired size for your lash application needs.

Lash ribbons provide lash artists and individuals with a convenient solution for lash extension at home.

Its length allows for greater flexibility, as it can be cut and customized according to the desired lash style, eye shape, or individual preferences.

By trimming the lash ribbons, you can achieve the perfect fit and length for a seamless and natural-looking lash extension.

The choice between lash extensions and lash ribbons depends on individual preferences. Here are some factors to consider when deciding between lash extensions and lash ribbons:

Natural Look: Lash extensions are individual synthetic lashes that are meticulously applied to each natural lash, providing a more natural and seamless appearance.

They can be customized in terms of length, curl, and thickness to match the client’s natural lashes.

Lash ribbons consist of pre-segmented lashes attached to a ribbon, which can create a slightly different aesthetic.

While lash ribbons can still provide a beautiful look, they may have a more uniform and structured appearance due to the segmented design.

Application Process: Lash extensions require professional application by a trained lash artist.

Each synthetic lash is carefully adhered to an individual natural lash using specialized adhesive.

It can take a couple of hours and requires maintenance every few weeks to maintain the desired look.

Lash ribbons can be applied individuals at home.

They are generally easier to apply as the ribbon holds the segments of lashes in place, requiring less precision compared to individual lash extensions.

Customization: Lash extensions offer a high level of customization as each synthetic lash is individually placed, allowing for tailored looks and styles.

Lash artists can create unique lash designs based on the client’s preferences and eye shape.

Lash ribbons, while still customizable to some extent by trimming the ribbon to the desired size, may offer slightly less versatility in terms of lash design compared to individual lash extensions.

Time and Maintenance: Lash extensions typically require more maintenance than lash ribbons.

Since lash extensions are attached to individual natural lashes, they require regular touch-up appointments to fill in any gaps as the natural lashes shed.

Lash ribbons is easy to apply and remove. It makes lash ribbons a more convenient option for those who prefer a temporary lash enhancement.

Skill Level and Budget: Lash extensions require a higher level of skill and expertise to apply, as well as the use of professional-grade products.

Consequently, they are usually more expensive than lash ribbons.

Lash ribbons, being a simpler application method, can be a more cost-effective option for individuals or beginer.

No. Lashes ribbons should not cause significant harm or hurt to your natural eyelashes when applied and removed properly.

However, improper application, removal, or misuse can potentially lead to temporary or even long-term damage to your natural lashes.

Lash ribbons can vary depending on your usage and care routine.

You can enjoy it for 1 month or more time if you apply and remove them each day.

To maximize the lifespan of lash ribbons, here are some additional tips:

Gentle Removal: When taking off lash ribbons, be gentle to avoid damaging the segments or the ribbon itself.

Use an oil-based makeup remover or a specific lash adhesive remover to loosen the adhesive before gently peeling off the ribbons.

Cleaning: Regularly clean your lash ribbons to remove any makeup residue or adhesive buildup.

Use a mild cleanser or gently wipe them with a damp cloth, ensuring they are completely dry before storing.

Proper Storage: Store your lash ribbons in a clean, dry, and protected environment.

Careful Handling: Handle your lash ribbons delicately, avoiding excessive pulling or tugging that could cause harm to the segments or ribbon.

Remember, these guidelines serve as general estimates, and the actual lifespan of your lash ribbons may vary depending on the specific product and your individual usage.

Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the most accurate information regarding reuse recommendations for your lash ribbons.