The Best Way To Remove False Lashes

remove false lashes

False lashes are attached to real lashes using semi-permanent adhesive. However, if you are not careful when removing, there is a risk that the original lashes will fall together. But don’t worry too much, as the process of removing is easier than sticking!

The Best Way to Remove False Lashes Safely

Table of Contents

1.Make Up Wipes

Remove false lashes safely

1.1. Remove Eye Makeup

Remove mascara or eyeliner using a mild eye makeup remover. After removing the makeup, it is easier to see the boundary between real and false eyelashes.

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1.2. Apply Steam to Your Face.

The hot steam makes the false lashes fall off better. Follow this sequence:

  • Pour water into a bowl and heat in the microwave until steaming.
  • Place your face on the bowl and cover your head with a towel to prevent the steam from escaping.
  • Steam for ten minutes.
Wet a cotton ball with olive oil

1.3. Wet a cotton ball with olive oil

Be careful not to get into your eyes, and brush your lashes. Gently brush until the false lashes start to fall off.

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1.4. Rinsing lashes

Wipe off any remaining oil with warm water.

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